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Interested in joining us?

Posted: Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:13 am
by abcd
Updated Febuary 27th, 2017.
Jiang Hu is seeking multiple enthusiastic, talented, and dedicated volunteers to help us with our current or future projects for the following positions:
1. Translators
2. Timers
3. Editors
4. QCers

Current projects:
1. Water Margin 2011
2. Journey to the West 2011
3. The Sword and the Chess of Death
4. State of Divinity 1996

Specific job descriptions and requirements:
1. To translate wuxia dramas from Mandarin Chinese to English
2. Must be proficient in Mandarin
3. Proficient in English to a good extent
4. Some knowledge in Chinese history, literature, and mythology needed for the drama.
5. Able to use Notepad or similar text editor.

1. To time the translated dialog into the movie.
2. No experience is necessary, but must be willing to learn (especially VisualSubSync or Aegisub) and pay great attention to details.
3. Experienced applicants are preferred.

Application general instructions:
1. Post in our facebook page with the positions and the drama titles of interest.
2. Indicate any previous experience, if any.
3. Indicate instant messaging contact information (Skype, Wechat).
4. Indicate affiliations to other fansub groups, if any.

If you are unable to access facebook, please send an E-Mail to jianghu(/at/)